Shades of Pink

A rose from my husband.

February 14th is knocking on my door and I seem to be gravitating to all shades of pink!  The traditional day in which lovers express their love to each other is fast approaching and I feel the mushiness in the air.  Now do not get me wrong I enjoy the "Where art thou's" and the "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day" with the the best of them.  The sappy love letters, roses by the dozen, and anything that can be worn on your finger, wrist, or neck do not hurt either.  For me though, Valentine's Day has become a day to let all of the special people in my life know how much they mean to me.  A simple card made by hand, a tasty homemade treat, or a phone call just to say I love you will mean as much to them as they do to me.  My son just said to me today, "mommy, can we go outside today so I can pick you a flower?"  The chocolates, gifts, and roses will be long gone, but those words will embed themselves into my soul forever!  So to all, I hope this Valentine's Day you are sharing it with the people you love most with laughter and joy in your heart!  Until then, here are a few pictures to get you thinking pink!
Enjoy, Angelia
I adore the hot pink wildflowers in this picture.

Leftover cupcakes made by son and I.  When I say made, I mean we took them out of the box and put them on a pretty plate and added some extra sprinkles!  Yummo!  (I had a little fun with the picture.)

Roses from my husband.

There is something about pictures of cupcakes!  I love taking photographs of them.  I think I will have the shots here framed!  (Too pretty to eat.)

I have been saving this pretty floral wispy skirt for VDay.  So pretty with a simple white tee!

I just got this makeup bag!  How can you resist the pretty pink flowers and the $1.99 price tag?

This is a huge tree in a square white planter in my bedroom.  It was a display at Bath and Body Works.  When they were done using them, my cousin and I paid $20.00 for them.

My vanity-I popped in this flower I made for a pop of color!  It makes me smile every morning!

Not the most slimming shot of me, but I love this chevron striped skirt in all shades of pink!


Dreaming About Summer

Leather Jacket-Vintage, Skirt-Target, Flower Pin-Tacked on skirt as an after thought
Cowboy Boots in the following pictures-Jessica Simpson-Dillards

When I can't seem to find anything to wear, I tend to "go shopping" in my closet.  I make it a goal to try and use all styles of clothing throughout all of the seasons of the year.  A teacher's salary does not lend itself to a new outfit everyday, so I have to get creative.  With a gorgeous sunny day in the mid 70s, yet a slightly cool breeze in the air I took on the challenge of wearing a summer piece during the colder months.  I pulled out a wispy skirt in an ever so pale girly pink and layered it with my black leather jacket.  My favorite pair of cowboy boots completed my look for an airy while at the same time cozy style.  Layering is key to mixing summer pieces when the mercury starts to drop.  Mother Nature will be offering much of the same this weekend with sunny skies, temps in the mid 70s, and a crisp breeze to remind us that it is January.  I am sure to be found in bright floral dresses paired with tights and cardigans or chunky sweaters over wispy skirts this weekend.  Summer will be here before we know it, so for now I will enjoy the best of  two seasons!  Have a glorious weekend!  Angelia

Dreaming about summer!!


"Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate Cake

I'm what one would consider a chocolate junkie.  I definitely have a compulsion for cakes, cookies, pies, and candy as long as it is loaded with that sweet brown rich goodness!  If at least one of the ingredients is cocoa, my tastebuds go into overdrive!  There is never a good reason not to have something chocolate in our house, but when it is National Chocolate Cake Day, (which happens to be today) it is a reason to celebrate!!  No cake mixes out of a box will do!  The "Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate Cake is the order of business!  With the ingredients purchased, mixed, blended, stirred, baked, and frosted our masterpiece tantalizes our tastebuds and is now calling!  To all of you chocoholics out there, you can find this recipe here:
Happy National Chocolate Cake Day.  Enjoy!


Pretty Blooms

Floral Dress-Lauren Conrad for Kohls

An early morning of rainy, dreary weather turned into a beautiful cloud free sunny day.  Spring is not here yet, but I needed a little dose of some pretty blooms.   I put on my floral dress and intercepted those Monday morning blues with a cheery garden print.  The first day of this work week was spent with a smile on my face!  I needed a little cinching of the waistline, so I added a wide belt.  I love using belts to emphasize the waist I wish I had!  A chunky sweater kept me warm when the brisk wind blew through the air.  Spring is just around the corner and I can't wait to wear floral dresses in vibrant colors and flowy skirts and tanks.  For now, I will find a way to incorporate a little bit of sunshine into my outfits!  Hope you found your own way to keep those Monday morning blues at bay.  Just think-only four more days until the weekend!


A few more pictures of one of my favorite belts that I put on with just about everything.  I love pairing a tough, edgy belt with feminine dresses.  Something about this contrast seems right to me.  In the first photo, I paired it with a simple black mini dress and in the second photo,  (which I had a little fun with) I paired it with a sweater dress.



A Photo is Worth A Thousand Words

What is it about a photograph that can bring a smile to your face, bring a tear to your eye, or conjure up an emotion that you never knew you had?  Some of my favorite photographers
which can be found at http://www.danielkennedy.com/http://www.andrewfphotography.com/,  and http://www.vincentlaforet.com/ ) take the most amazing pictures.  I truly am in awe of these talented shutterbugs that can bring goosebumps to my entire body with a snapshot of a breathtaking view, or a fashion spread that makes me want to recreate the clothing and take pictures of myself.  I can only hope that one day with enough research, practice, and a really good camera that I could be that good!!!!  For now, I have my adequate digital camera, my love of taking pictures, and my creativity to take some photographs that I will cherish for a lifetime!  I would love to know any opinions or expertise on what would be a good camera to purchase in the future and any good photography web sites or blogs.  Email me with info!  Happy Saturday!  Angelia   Here are just a few pics that I had some fun with on this lazy day Saturday!

The original picture was not taken by me but by Cori Walsh- http://www.facesbyctphotography.com/
 I used photo editing software for the final effects seen here.

The original picture was not taken by me but by Cori Walsh- http://www.facesbyctphotography.com/ .   I used photo editing software for the final effects seen here.

The original picture was not taken by me but by Cori Walsh- http://www.facesbyctphotography.com/    I used photo editing software for the final effects seen here.

The original picture was not taken by me but by Cori Walsh- http://www.facesbyctphotography.com/    I used photo editing software for the final effects seen here.

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