Baby It's Cold Outside

The River Walk

Puffer Vest-Old Navy, Knit Cap, Gloves, and Water Bottle-Target
Skinny Belt in Pale Pink and Vintage Slim Jeans-Jcrew


Showing off my new gloves!  I love the chunky knit!

The pin on my hat is a Christmas gift from my sweet husband!

Did you know that the climate of Antarctica is the coldest place on earth?  The lowest temperature ever recorded their was -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit at Vostok Station. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/coldest_place_on_earth)  
While Sunshine State is infamous for having exceedingly moderate to high temperatures through out the year, this week we were transported to what seemed like the Southern Poles of Cold!  When it is this cold, I find myself confounded when it comes to dressing for arctic dips in the thermometer.  I decided to seek out some fashionable cold weather wear for this shivery week.  I came up with a jcrew inspired look!  I was warm, toasty, and snuggly when I enjoyed a sunset walk with my husband along the river.  Hope your staying warm and happy this week, and if you happen to be in some picturesque, tropical local wear an itsy bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka dot bikini for me!!!!!


I love this pin my husband gave me for Christmas.

I love jewelry from Jcrew and the hot pink color of this
 eco-friendly water bottle brings out my girly side!

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