Dreaming About Summer

Leather Jacket-Vintage, Skirt-Target, Flower Pin-Tacked on skirt as an after thought
Cowboy Boots in the following pictures-Jessica Simpson-Dillards

When I can't seem to find anything to wear, I tend to "go shopping" in my closet.  I make it a goal to try and use all styles of clothing throughout all of the seasons of the year.  A teacher's salary does not lend itself to a new outfit everyday, so I have to get creative.  With a gorgeous sunny day in the mid 70s, yet a slightly cool breeze in the air I took on the challenge of wearing a summer piece during the colder months.  I pulled out a wispy skirt in an ever so pale girly pink and layered it with my black leather jacket.  My favorite pair of cowboy boots completed my look for an airy while at the same time cozy style.  Layering is key to mixing summer pieces when the mercury starts to drop.  Mother Nature will be offering much of the same this weekend with sunny skies, temps in the mid 70s, and a crisp breeze to remind us that it is January.  I am sure to be found in bright floral dresses paired with tights and cardigans or chunky sweaters over wispy skirts this weekend.  Summer will be here before we know it, so for now I will enjoy the best of  two seasons!  Have a glorious weekend!  Angelia

Dreaming about summer!!

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