Closet Envy

                   Have you ever envied another's closet?              

Enough already with the wool coats and earmuffs.  My response to being cooped up all weekend behind these 4 walls is to head straight to my closet and start organizing everything!  I may not have the beautiful celebrity closets that I envy everytime I see them featured in the latest fashion magazine, but a little organization and a few pretty containers are enough to keep me delighted!  I enjoy being in my closet when I can see the sorted colors of my blouses, skirts, and trousers.  I get that euphoric feeling inside when I see a pretty picture on the wall, an assortment of  handbags in easy reach, and my shoes all aligned or tucked away in their place.

This cleaning frenzy left me feeling exhilarated but at the same time wanting more!  I feel the need for a uniformed line of matching wooden or fabric hangers.  The twisted mangled mess of my plastic and wire hangers keep my clothing in constant roatation on the ironing board.  I am thinking that some clear shelf dividers would keep my handbags and sweaters in neater sections.  I am now also on the search for some pretty boxes to store my scarves, gloves, and belts.  Here is what I want now!



If the closet envy bug bites you, do not panic!  There are many budget friendly, yet beautiful ways to make your closet worthy of its own feature in a magazine.  Happy Organizing!


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  1. Gorgeous closet. I'm in on a constant quest to get one of those beautiful, super-organized closests.


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