Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Before my little "Superhero" came along, I would be fabulously dressed in some to die for "LBD", which would be all at once alluring and demure.  I would be in a candlelit restaurant having a luscious dinner of steak and lobster with my someone special.  After dinner would be dancing the night away under a glittery ball to "Shake Your Groove Thing"................(a screeching halt to my little mind movie), BUT tonight I spent with THE MOST special person-my 3 year old son.  After the 13th viewing of Ice Age, an endless array of superhero costume changes, and a little sparkling grape soda and Cheese Puffs, my little superhero was off to dreamland.  I brought in the New Year in a very low key way, but no less fabulous.  I wore my new silk habotai menswear inspired pajamas in warm shell (JCrew), sipped La Crema Pinot Noir, and partook in one of my favorite mindless activites-The reading of the fashion magazine.  Lucky, Glamour, Marie Claire-it does not matter which one it is, I get the same thrill with every turn of the page.  It does not matter if it is THE GIVEAWAY ISSUE or The All-Out Glamour Issue, 275 Fashion Finds, 549 smart new ideas,  or 632 fun, sexy looks - Does anyone ever count to see if the magazine really has that number of items for that topic?  I can feel the little rush of dopamine in my head every time I get a new issue in the mailbox.  This inspired me to write down my top 10 fashion obsessions of 2009.

Top 10 fashion obsessions of 2009:

1.  Boots, Boots, and more Boots.  ( Cowboy. Peep-toe ankle boots, The Shoe-Bootie, Scrunched Booties, Flat suede boots, Mocassin boots, Over the knee boots, Sherpa bootie slippers)
     Favorite sites for boots:

2.  Bib Necklaces

3.  Anything JCrew

4.  Global Jewelry

5.  Tie-dye Tees and Boxy Jackets

6.  Slip Dresses and Blazers

7.  Skinny Jeans ( I like them best when tucked in boots.)

8.  Tulip Drapey Skirts

9.  T-Strap Mary Janes

10.  Peacoats

While 2009 was a fantastic year for fashion I hope 2010 says goodbuy to Sweatpant Trousers, Plaid Shirts, Furry Vests, and Fedoras (I love the Cloche Hats from the 1920s!)  I can't wait to see what is in store for 2010.  Happy New Year!  Happy 2010. 


Goodbye 2009!


  1. I love belts as well! I have been buying the studded ones and skinny ones in neon colors as of late!


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