I Want Candy

Skip the soup and salad, just give me candy!  That is what went through my mind when I met my parents for a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant.  All of those bits of sugary goodness sent my insulin receptors into overdrive!  There is also the nostalgic factor when it comes to old fashioned candy.  Remember the Whirly Pops and Orange Slices from the 50s, Lemonheads and Swedish Fish from the 60s, Bottle Caps and Gumballs from the 70s, or Sour Patch Kids and Gummi Bears from the 80s?  Retro Candy conjures up so many delightful childhood memories.  Take a look down memory lane with some pictures from my evening and remember the next time you are too worried about your girlish figure to have that piece of candy-EAT IT and ENJOY IT with no regrets!!

And finish it off with a POP!!!!!

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