La Playa Calling

It's amazing how a pattern, a print, or a color can conjure up visions of a tropical place and make you long to be there in that instant.  As I sat at the colorful ceramic tiled table at a mexican restaurant having lunch today, I was suddenly transported to such a place.  I could feel the soft breeze of the wind at the open air market bustling with tourists tempted at every turn with colorful woven textiles and stunning wooden artwork.  I could see the nearby villages painted in bright colors of magenta, sunflower, and turquoise.  I could hear the constant crash of water on water, water on rock, and water on sand as the waves rolled along the shore.  I feel the smooth soft sand beneath my feet lined with multicolored umbrellas concealing the sunbathing vacationers from the sunlight creating luminous shadows beneath their chairs.  The vast, turquoise blue ocean that borders the rich sandy shore of this tropical island is a joyous reflection of my time spent here with my soulmate and best friend!

Beach in Mexico


(Wow!  What a mind Movie!!)  My adorable son showing me his catsup covered french fry brought me back to Chilis where we enjoyed a lunch date together today.  AAAAHHHH!  Well, if you can't bask in the warmth of your dream island beach then do the next best thing and dress as if you are there!!!  As soon as we got home I put on my white flowey floral embroidered top, linen drawstring pants, flip flops, and layered on my entire turquoise jewelry collection.  We finished off the evening with a little Mamma Mia and a little ABBA.  I may just keep wearing my turquoise all month!  I hope you can find a way to transport yourself to your magical place or better yet enjoy it in person!!!!  Either way, enjoy life wherever you may be.  There is beauty to be found in each day!


My Turquoise Collection

A little metallic sandal to go with my turquoise!

What I want now!!!!!

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