R is for Rainboots

What does the sound of rain bring to mind?  For me it makes me think of fresh scents like linen and cotton, a green lush forest, clean moist air, a thick down stuffed blanket for snuggling, blissful sleep, and peace.  This morning I awoke to the pitter-patter of the droplets against the window like rice being dropped on paper.  A rainy first day to the new year.  A lazy New Year's Day inside with my 2 favorite people.  A trip outside for the paper proved to be a very exciting one for my little one.  Any chance he gets to sport his favorite rainboots is a chance to show his own fashionable side!  Together in our rainboots we tramped down the driveway.  The sun never came out but the rain left us with very cold air for Florida.  Time to break out the heavy jacket and enjoy another day to wear a pair of my boots!  Hope your first day of the new year was as peaceful and joyous as mine!!!


Trying to stay dry and warm in my
Rainboots from Target and Jacket from Banana Republic

I am happy to have another cold day to wear my boots!

What I want now-Magenta Rain Gear!

What I want now-Hunter Magenta Rainboots!

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