Shades of Pink

A rose from my husband.

February 14th is knocking on my door and I seem to be gravitating to all shades of pink!  The traditional day in which lovers express their love to each other is fast approaching and I feel the mushiness in the air.  Now do not get me wrong I enjoy the "Where art thou's" and the "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day" with the the best of them.  The sappy love letters, roses by the dozen, and anything that can be worn on your finger, wrist, or neck do not hurt either.  For me though, Valentine's Day has become a day to let all of the special people in my life know how much they mean to me.  A simple card made by hand, a tasty homemade treat, or a phone call just to say I love you will mean as much to them as they do to me.  My son just said to me today, "mommy, can we go outside today so I can pick you a flower?"  The chocolates, gifts, and roses will be long gone, but those words will embed themselves into my soul forever!  So to all, I hope this Valentine's Day you are sharing it with the people you love most with laughter and joy in your heart!  Until then, here are a few pictures to get you thinking pink!
Enjoy, Angelia
I adore the hot pink wildflowers in this picture.

Leftover cupcakes made by son and I.  When I say made, I mean we took them out of the box and put them on a pretty plate and added some extra sprinkles!  Yummo!  (I had a little fun with the picture.)

Roses from my husband.

There is something about pictures of cupcakes!  I love taking photographs of them.  I think I will have the shots here framed!  (Too pretty to eat.)

I have been saving this pretty floral wispy skirt for VDay.  So pretty with a simple white tee!

I just got this makeup bag!  How can you resist the pretty pink flowers and the $1.99 price tag?

This is a huge tree in a square white planter in my bedroom.  It was a display at Bath and Body Works.  When they were done using them, my cousin and I paid $20.00 for them.

My vanity-I popped in this flower I made for a pop of color!  It makes me smile every morning!

Not the most slimming shot of me, but I love this chevron striped skirt in all shades of pink!

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