A Girl and Her Shoes

OK, have you ever had such a bad day that the only mood lifting cure is a shoe shopping frenzy resulting in a new pair of wedges, stilettos, pumps, platforms, and low booties in one blink of an eye sweep of your favorite shoe store?  Come on ladies, you know who you are!  What is it about a girl and her shoes?  I remember the first time I brought my boyfriend of 1 month (who I now share a last name with) to my apartment.  He was laying across my bed as I was getting ready for a night out.  I can still to this day remember the look on his face when his eyes made contact with the bottom of my closet floor.  I will never forget the words that came out of his mouth next, it went something like this, "It will take you two years to wear all of your shoes, if you wear a different pair each day for the next 730 days."  I simply said, "Never stand between a girl and her shoes!"  He now proudly owns 15 pairs of shoes himself!  Their is just something about the hunt for that just right shoe to go with that just right outfit!   I have several cute pairs of shoes just waiting to make their spring debut.  Stay tuned for my 2010 Spring Shoe Guide with lots of pics of the latest trends, where to purchase information, and what to pair them with.  Until then an interesting read about women and their shoes can be found here.  My not so great day led me right to a cute pair of Jessica Simpson wood clog sandals.  I can't wait to wear them and share them with you!  Stay Tuned!  Angelia 

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