Let An Accessory Be Your Guide

A recent conversation with my, oh so fashionable cousin (who I am going to refer to from now on in my posts as "Glam Girl") got me thinking about the difference between a good outfit and one that is truly transcendent.  Glam Girl  sported a new pair of animal printed ballerina flats to work this past Friday.  Her co-worker complemented her on how cute they were.  Glam Girl simply said, "I based my whole outfit this morning around my shoes!"  Her co-worker replied, "I  based my whole outfit around my ring!"  In my book, these two get an A+ in Fashion 101!  Instead of accessorizing their outfits, they let an accessory they truly love be the base for building their outfit around.  I love the idea of having a key item that you start with to base the rest of your ensemble around.  I know many women (myself included) who will throw on a pair of earrings as an afterthought to jazz up an outfit.  On the other hand,  a unique, bold, kaleidoscopic accessory can open up so many opportunities to put clothing pieces together that you never thought possible.  I think this takes you up a notch from just being stylish to a fashion diva, making your style memorable and setting you apart from the rest.  I decided to try out this fashion philosophy and put three outfits together.  I based each one around a different accessory.  In the first picture, I used a watch with a red heart on the face, in the second picture, I used a stacked set of metal and mirrored bangles, and in the third picture, I used a red pair of Frye boots.  Take a look and I hope it will give you some inspiration to try this out in your own closet!

Romantic City With An Edge
Romantic City With An Edge by angeliambear featuring FOSSIL watches

Items in this set:
Oasis Dynasty Shoulder Stripe T-Shirt, Black/White, S, 15 GBP
Full Skirts - Fall Trends 2007 - Fashion - In Style
Carlos by Carlos Santana Chica - Grey/Black, $79
Beirn turquoise pleated snakeskin 'Ellie' clutch, $115
Carved Turquoise Flower Pendant, $4,280

The watch in the set above makes me think of the beginnings of a sweet romance.  Maybe you are in a romantic city meeting your special someone for a tour of the city or a late afternoon lunch filled with lots of hand holding and tender kisses.  I love how the red skirt makes the heart on the watch really stand out.  I love accenting red with turquoise for an added pop of color.  The black and white stripe shirt is so parisian chic.  I like the way the animal print booties add a little edge.

Items in this set:
Giant Fold-33 Turquoise Dress, 285 GBP
Midnight silk biker jacket, $1,210
Diane von Furstenberg
Lady leather gladiator sandals
Gardenia 18-karat rose gold and diamond ring , $295
Embroidered sequined clutch, $1,025
Anita Ko , 8,235 GBP

The inspiration here is the beautiful stacked bangles.  I love the golds, peaches, and muted greens.  The dark turquoise blue of the dress really makes the color in the bangles pop.  I love the juxtaposition of the casual leather belt and brown sandals paired with such an elegant dress and clutch.  The bangles seem to balance these two styles out for a city beautiful look! 

Items in this set:
Smocked Short Sleeve Dress, $650
Frye Shoes Carson Pull-on - Burnt Red, $360
Lucky Brand 'Patch Stash' Leather Bag, $200
Hot Tamales Candy: 4.5-Pound Bag, $15
Flyer Earrings, $1,250

What can I say here!  These red boots have to be my favorite item to start and build an outfit around.  You can create so many different looks with them. (Stay tuned for that!)  Here I was feeling red and turquoise again!  The simple white, breezy dress is a great canvas to let the boots be the centerpiece.  Adding in a few other accessories with a mix of red and turquoise complete the look.  The brown belt helps to keep the outfit from looking too matchy matchy.  An effortless easy breezy look!

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