A Sale I Can't Resist

Oh Jcrew, why do I love thee?  You shrink my wallet and fill up my in box with your EXTRA 20 and free shipping alerts.  You fill my magazine racks with look books for every season and you make me wish that I could be transported to your exotic locales after looking at them.  I just can't seem to resist you though, especially when you tempt me with additional 20% off your final sale!!!!  So I will be proudly sporting the following items with a smile on my face, a spring in my step, and a bit of a dent to my bank account!   

So pretty for an evening wedding or a dinner date with your special someone.

A black dress needs some pretty extras.

This is perfect for a summer afternoon of shopping.
I can't resist this pretty shade of purple.  I want to wear this with jeans and a white shirt.  It is such a pretty pop of color.

So pretty for summer with a white tee.

I love this to throw on over my swim suit.

I will be sporting this all summer.  I love the peachy color to mix with denim, khaki, and white.

So Pretty!!!


  1. really nice blog : )

    I'm a new follower. Check out mine too if you have a chance.


  2. So sad that the adorable ruffled chiffon dress is not available in my size in either color! That is a great sale, and now with an additional 20% off... I guess it's a sign from above to save my money...


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