What's For Dinner?

Thursday night dinner proved to be a family affair!  At least once a week we try to cook something together as a family.  We get to spend time together,  teach our 3 year old toddler to cook ( which by the age of six, I am convinced will be cooking dinner for us), and get to enjoy a delectable home cooked meal!  My little superhero can stir, pour, and chop with the best of them.  Soon he will be cracking the eggs, frying up the entrees, and baking the desserts from scratch!  The best part is that my baby loves cooking, loves being in the kitchen, and loves learning about food and recipes!  I have a little chef in the making!  Tonight we made Salmon Cakes, Ceasar Salad, and Gimlets (which were enjoyed after our little superman was counting sheep).  Ingredients for the Salmon Cakes include 4 cans of salmon, Ritz Crackers, bread crumbs, and 2 eggs.  
Ground up the Ritz Crackers in a food processor.  Mix the ground crackers, salmon, eggs, and a dash of bread crumbs into a bowl.  Stir until all ingredients are well mixed.

Pour olive oil in pan and heat on medium high.  Form the salmon mixture into patties and place them in the frying pan.
When they are brown on both sides, turn the heat to low.

Our little superhero was in charge of the salad. 

He did a great job of mixing all ingredients into the bowl.  The Ultimate Ceasar Kit is great for little ones.  They just open, pour, and mix.

We like to let our little man add extra cheese for 2 reasons- 1. It taste good!  2.  He really feels like he is COOKING!

Plate your meal and enjoy!

For a little grown up pleasure, we enjoyed Gimlets after our superman was dreaming about cooking up his next meal.  To make your own,  mix 2 ounces of Kettle One Vodka, a splash of Rose's Lime Juice, and ice in a shaker.  Shake it but don't break it until your hand is cold and ice is starting to form on the outside of the shaker.  Strain into your favorite martini glass, squeeze fresh lime into glass, and enjoy this citrusy delight!  Making dinner can be fun when you make it a family affair! 
Happy end of the week! 

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