Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

I love baking and decorating sugar cookies.  It must be my inner child longing for my grade school days of endless coloring, painting, and drawing.  Easter time allows for the most colorful of holiday cookies with bright pastels in pinks, greens, and yellow.  I always make enough to give to my son's teachers and I love to package them in pretty containers made by hand.  This recipe is one of my favorites from Martha Stewart and I purchased my supplies from Michaels.  They are just too pretty to eat!!!!!



You know how sometimes you just need some motivational words, an inspirational quote, or a little pep talk to lift your spirits?  I went searching today for some words of wisdom, peppy little lift me ups, and cheery phrases.  I kept coming across the same old tired cliches that we hear so often which left me with nothing better to do than to think about what the words of these overused phrases were actually saying. 

Take this oldie but goody for example:
now that got me thinking-I will use the analogy of one losing their job.  Well that would definitely be indicative of a door shutting (like the front door to the office building you have worked in for the better part of your working career) So what door does this one now cause to open?  Oh yea, that would be the bill collectors door knocking you flat as it swung open!  Now where is the inspiration in that?  Maybe this one should be re-phrased to "When one door closes, another one opens up and swallows you whole!  At least this one would come with honesty.

Here is another tried and true one:
well of course it does!  The sad part of this supposed inspirational quote is that we usually never discover what that reason is!  Like when I could not find my keys (which unfortunately I had left in the refrigerator -that is another whole blog post in itself) consequently causing me to be late to an appointment.  Still have not figured out this reason, but it is a toss up between my body needed an increase of stress or the late fee I had to pay to my dentist office helped Dr. Greenberg put a new brick wall around his office.

And I love this one:
now I get the analogy here, the lemons represent the awful terrible thing being thrown at you and the lemonade represents the positive, your glass is always half full that you make out of it.  But...............WHAT IF YOU HATE LEMONADE????????

Then there are these 2 great ones:
I have been in love with myself for years and the only thing falling is my underarm skin, eyelids, and derriere.

if I have to wait much longer I may get the gold encrusted cane, the mobility scooter with all of the bells and whistles, and the new and improved clapper.

Well, I did not find the inspiration I was looking for, but I had a few chuckles along the way.  Then with one check of my email I recieved this message from a dear friend:

"While we were waiting for his bus to be called, (Said Student) told me his mother was having her baby tomorrow. I probably shouldn't have said this, but I said, "Oh, is she having a C-section?"

He looked at me in a puzzled way, so I said "That's when they do surgery to take the baby out."
(Said Student) quickly nodded his head and said, "Yes, she cain't get her legs open that wide." I almost had a stroke from trying not to laugh. I've been giggling all afternoon.

I instantly felt better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you have any words of inspiration that would not be considerd cliche, please share!!!!!  What can I say:  Sometimes laughter is the best medicine!  So cliche-I can't believe I just said that-but so true!!!!  Angelia


WH Questions

Erin at Perfect Sentiment, who I have been following for a few months now, recently did a post on why we blog.  I recently have been asked this question by someone who does not blog, so maybe this will answer that question and anyone else who may wonder what it is we bloggers get out of it.

Why?  For me, it has become a creative outlet where I can apply my creative writing skills, share my love of photography and fashion, and document daily life.  This really is no different than keeping a journal, scrapbook, or photo album.  The one difference I can think of is learning from others, being inspired, and making new friends!  This is my positive reinforcement to keep me writing several times a week. 

Where do I blog?  I blog in our office on the one and only computer in our house.  My husband and I both spend a great deal of time online so we have to schedule out blocks of time each week.

When do I blog?  I do most of my blogging after my son is in bed around 9:00.  I can be on the computer for hours and not even realize it because it truly is a joy to me.  I have been asked, "how do you find the time to put all of this together?  The simple answer to that is , when you are doing something you love, you find the time in your day (even if it is in the wee hours of the morning) to partake in whatever your hobby may be.

What do I blog about?  My blog is about all of the things that bring me joy-my family, my son, fashion (which helps to keep me out of those "mom jeans" and stay current), photography, and cooking.  (You know all of those girly things!)  I really do not have a plan each week of what I will write about.  I take my camera everywhere and photograph everything around me.  I use a lot of the pictures in my posts and a lot of times the pictures drive what my topic will be.

So there you have it!  Thanks Erin for starting this fun little game!!!!  Angelia


Black and White

Skirt-Eight Sixty, Ruffled Shirt-Jcrew, Black Clutch-Jcrew, Gianni Bini Shoes

I usually like to throw in a pop of color into my daily wardrobe, but there is something so crisp and elegant about black and white.  I recently spotted this black skirt (by eight sixty) with the tag still on it when I dropped off some items at a consignment shop nearby.  I could not resist the girly shape embellished with a mirrored metal band around the waist.  It gave the skirt a little edge, which I found more interesting than your basic black skirt.  I liked this sweet ruffled shirt juxtaposed against the heavy metal around the waist.  I will enjoy wearing this skirt dressed up with a pretty blouse and heels or dressed down with a tee and flats.  Jcrew's Frances Ruffled Tuxedo Shirt is similiar to the one that I am wearing and Dillards actually sells this brand and has this eight sixty skirt available and on sale.


Pretty Polish

I always tend to go for some sort of variation of red polish when painting my nails.  I am thinking it is time to move out of my comfort zone and try some of the pretty shades that I am seeing popping up all over in the department stores and magazines.  I have fallen in love with polish in shades of minty greens, peacock blues, turquoise, lilacs, and peaches. 

You can find a few of the colors hereherehere and here that I  am going to try this spring. 

What is your go to shade of polish?  Happy Monday! 


Graphic Pencil Skirts

Designers are taking techno for a test drive this season using electrifying colors and bold prints to give a little edge to dresses, skirts, shoes, and blouses.  In the driver seat for me is the classic pencil skirt.  My wardrobe for work just got reved up!  I can't wait to wear one with a simple white blouse! 


1.  Pink Pencil Skirt, $38.00 DEBENHAMS
2.  50s Block print Skirt, JIGSAW
3.  ColourBlock Pencil Skirt, $175.00 Karen Millen
4.  Zebra Stretch Pencil, $175.00 Karen Millen
5.  Poem Pencil Skirt, $280.00 Malene Birger
6.  Haley Pencil Skirt, $165.00 coast
7.  Pencil Skirt with Francis Bacon print, DRIES VAN NOTEN


Shades of Green

While Irish revelers will raise a mug of stout and wish their friends and family "Slainte", (which is the Irish word for health) I will be doing my best not to be pinched by trying to stylishly wear green.  I tend to favor teals, seafoams, and kelly green when I am in the mood for this earthy shade.  So don't forget to wear something green today!  Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
Happy St. Patricks Day


Ready For Spring

Purse, Dress and Blazer-Vintage, Belt-Forever 21, Floral Clip-Anthropologie

Florida warmth returns with temperatures in the 70s and it is starting to feel like spring!  I was excited to put on a dress again!  I recently found this gorgeous bloom made of fluffy layers of chiffon that I thought looked perfect clipped to the front of this ruffled embellished dress.  I am looking forward to basking in these warmer days in vibrant sundresses in a kaleidoscope of colors, breezy skirts adorned with plenty of ruffles, and sandals in vivid shades of hot pinks, magentas, and saffron yellows.  What is your go to outfit for this time of year?



The Goblin Market

One of the best reasons to drive 30 minutes away for lunch when you are starving is The Goblin Market in Mount Dora.  This charming little eatery is nuzzled on an off the beaten path, back alley in Mount Dora.  It's free and easy elegance makes it a favorite spot for Sunday brunch, not to mention my favorite, the crab cakes.  The renovated warehouse that houses the restaurant oozes with charm with the book lined walls in the indoor dining room to the tree covered patio for dining alfresco.  It truly is a wonderful way to finish off your weekend.

I love the hidden walkway!

While the weather was too beautiful to nosh indoors, I do love the book lined walls.

I love the feeling of being hugged by trees!

My Favorite-The Crab Cakes finished with a peach chive chutney.

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