Baby Blues

C & V Jeans and Bag-Dillards, White Shirt-Ann Taylor, Cuff-Banana Republic

What's old is new again!  Get ready for a walk down nostalgia lane because faded denim is back for spring 2010.  I tried to embrace this look the first time around but always seemed to feel more comfortable in darker washes.  The look this season is paired with cowboy boots, fringe and leather accents, and bandanas.  Think "The American West".  I recently found a faded pair updated with a button flap pocket with some extra stitching detail.  I kept my look simple with a white shirt, neutral bag, and classic black pumps.  Surprisingly enough, I actually like them considering I am more of a dark jean girl.  So move those baby blues to the front of your closet if you want to be on trend this spring.   

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