Blue Jean Baby

In my opinion, no other item of clothing is more quintessentially American than a worn in pair of blue jeans.  Do not get me wrong, I love skirts and dresses, but when asked "what is your favorite item of clothing?" I will reply "blue jeans" everytime!  I started off this past weekend in my favorite pair and topped them off by layering on a button down shirt in the girliest floral print, a tee shirt with handmade flowers, and a big drapey sweater for an added layer of warmth.  Since Friday delivered another very cold and chilly night it was perfect for sporting your most comfortable pair of blue jeans.  We took our little superhero to his favorite playground and then headed out to a kid friendly restaurant where he was able to make his own pizza!  Warmer weather finally returned on Sunday with the bluest of blue skies and a huge dose of sunshine!  It was perfect weather to try out the nautical look so trendy for this spring and summer.  Tune in to Tuesday's post for everything nautical!  Happy Monday!  Angelia

{Clothing worn in this post include Jeans-Ralph Lauren, Sweater-H&M, Tee Shirt with Flowers-Handmade, Button Down-Vintage, Boots-Nine West, Bracelet-Jcrew, Bag-Joe's}


  1. So I have a jeans question. Jeans with a denim jacket is a big no-no. Does that apply to white jeans with a white denim jacket as well? I can't decide if it looks like a hip, trendy suit or just a summertime version of the Canadian Tuxedo.
    Glam Girl is also contemplating this question!

  2. Mary Jane, I have to say that I would not sport a white denim jacket with white jeans because I would feel as though I was channeling Captain Stubing right off an episode of the Love Boat! I do often contemplate when I am wearing any color of jeans what would be the best color and style of jacket. I tend to either grab a black blazer or some sort of anorak/parka in a bright color. Thanks for your comment and following along! We need to get together, (The 3 of us) for a weekend of fun! I see lots of laughter and smiles!!!!


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