The Goblin Market

One of the best reasons to drive 30 minutes away for lunch when you are starving is The Goblin Market in Mount Dora.  This charming little eatery is nuzzled on an off the beaten path, back alley in Mount Dora.  It's free and easy elegance makes it a favorite spot for Sunday brunch, not to mention my favorite, the crab cakes.  The renovated warehouse that houses the restaurant oozes with charm with the book lined walls in the indoor dining room to the tree covered patio for dining alfresco.  It truly is a wonderful way to finish off your weekend.

I love the hidden walkway!

While the weather was too beautiful to nosh indoors, I do love the book lined walls.

I love the feeling of being hugged by trees!

My Favorite-The Crab Cakes finished with a peach chive chutney.

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