Happy Birthday Little Superhero!

Wow!  How time flies!  My little SuperHero is turning four this weekend!  We had a little birthday eve fun as he is finding it hard to wait!  I can't believe it has been four years!  I spent the better part of the afternoon sitting and reflecting on the past few years!  It has been the time of my life!!!!  Happy Birthday Little Man!  Happy Birthday to anyone else celebrating a birthday this month and Happy Weekend!

I remember bringing you home! I remember your smell!  I remember the first time you smiled and laughed!  I remember your first step!  I remember when you first said "mama"!  I remember the first day I dropped you off at daycare!  I remember the fear of leaving you in the unknown!  I remember the joy I felt in my heart when I picked you up that afternoon!  I remember the first year with no sleep!  Most of all I remember "before the day you were born I never guessed the meaning of my life would be you"!  (a beautiful quote written on his newborn picture by my photographer that truly sums up how I feel!)  I remember when you looked like this........

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  1. So sweet. Ours was only 9 months w/o sleep, but long enough to attribute many gray hairs to it. So worth it though! Happy birthday to your little guy!


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