It's All In A Name

Superheros and Stilettos it is!  So I have been asked recently how I came up with the name of my blog.  You can probably just scroll down and let these pictures speak for themselves, but I will give you a brief synopsis of how Superheros and Stilettos came to be.  Being a mom of a little boy who loves all things superhero, I find myself spending the better part of each day tripping over Spiderman, vacuuming up Batman (yes, that really happened), flushing the Pink Power Ranger (yes, that really happened as well), serving in the role as stylist to the toddler in various superhero costume changes, sorting the Marvel Comics characters in the red tub and the DC Comics characters into the green tub, and role playing the "bad guy" so my superhero son can "attack" me!  So you can see each and every day truly is SUPER!  There is nothing better than a new pair of shoes to help you keep your sanity!  Ladies, am I right?  Going on the hunt for that just right pair, waiting with excitement and anticipation as the sales lady searches the back for your size, and then the shear pleasure of that soft leather being slid onto your foot, aaahhhh it's a Cinderella moment everytime!!  So in short, I am a mom of a toddler boy in what seems to be a never ending superhero stage and I LOVE Shoes!  There is nothing wrong with vacuuming in a 5 inch pair of stilettos.  The things we do in the name of fashion!  Maybe in another 10 years my little superhero will be tripping over my shoes while he is vacuuming my floors and sorting my laundry all the while wearing his favorite Spiderman costume!  Supermom signing off!  Angelia

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