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Erin at Perfect Sentiment, who I have been following for a few months now, recently did a post on why we blog.  I recently have been asked this question by someone who does not blog, so maybe this will answer that question and anyone else who may wonder what it is we bloggers get out of it.

Why?  For me, it has become a creative outlet where I can apply my creative writing skills, share my love of photography and fashion, and document daily life.  This really is no different than keeping a journal, scrapbook, or photo album.  The one difference I can think of is learning from others, being inspired, and making new friends!  This is my positive reinforcement to keep me writing several times a week. 

Where do I blog?  I blog in our office on the one and only computer in our house.  My husband and I both spend a great deal of time online so we have to schedule out blocks of time each week.

When do I blog?  I do most of my blogging after my son is in bed around 9:00.  I can be on the computer for hours and not even realize it because it truly is a joy to me.  I have been asked, "how do you find the time to put all of this together?  The simple answer to that is , when you are doing something you love, you find the time in your day (even if it is in the wee hours of the morning) to partake in whatever your hobby may be.

What do I blog about?  My blog is about all of the things that bring me joy-my family, my son, fashion (which helps to keep me out of those "mom jeans" and stay current), photography, and cooking.  (You know all of those girly things!)  I really do not have a plan each week of what I will write about.  I take my camera everywhere and photograph everything around me.  I use a lot of the pictures in my posts and a lot of times the pictures drive what my topic will be.

So there you have it!  Thanks Erin for starting this fun little game!!!!  Angelia


  1. So nicely put. I found myself nodding throughout. Thanks for joining in the discussion!

  2. Good Job Mamma! I am going to run take a look around your blog...Thanks for stopping by!


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