Desire or Acquire

When it comes to shoes, my motto has always been "the higher, the better."  A girl can never have enough in the height department.  Unless, of course, you are blessed with supermodel gams.  I, unfortunately, was blessed with all of  5' 6" of cuteness!!  So I am always, inevitably sporting the highest of heels or wedges as seen herehere, and here.  I think I may actually try some of the super cute flats I have seen for spring and summer.  Now there are several that would be adorable on my feet but really ugly on my wallet.  I decided the ones I really desired had it's almost perfect twin out there for much less making it easier for me to actually acquire.  This inspired me to share my finds with you in what shall be my first of many posts entitled {Desire or Acquire}.  I even threw in some heels and wedges because they were just too cute to leave out.  Enjoy and surely you will find something to add to your own shoe wardrobe!  Angelia   


Pistachio Crusted Chocolate Covered Strawberries

It never fails that every time I am walking through the local mall those succulent perfectly dipped chocolate covered strawberries with that sumptuous pop of crimson color stops me in my tracks.  I somehow always find myself with my nose pressed against the glass drooling for one of these Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  The next thing I know I am inside Godiva Chocolate, wallet in hand, ready to purchase a dozen!  I recently discovered this recipe that combines 3 of my favorite snacks!  How can you go wrong with chocolate, strawberries, and pistachios?  It proved to be as delectable and mouth watering as the pictures and 10 strawberries later, my husband indubitably agrees!  It is quick, easy, and oh so pretty!  Your friends will think you bought them from a fancy chocolatier!  What is your favorite chocolate treat recipe? 


A Chic Boutique

I love it when I come across a chic little boutique that offers a unique shopping experience that can't be found in your local mall.  I have always been drawn to items of clothing that have that little something extra special about it.  (Think - Jcrew)  Instead of a plain tshirt for example, I like a little ruffle here, an embroidered flower there, a blousy gathered sleeve, you get the picture.
Enter-Sophie and Trey, a great little boutique I recently discovered has made my shopping experience a lot more fun.  Owned by two sisters, Kristin and Ryan, the boutique offers a mix of elegant, trendy, casual, and vintage pieces of clothing with a very California vibe.  The owners handpick each item of clothing for its unique quality and only offer a limited number in each size.  When the piece is gone, it is gone.  I like leaving the store feeling as though I will have a one of a kind item that will not be seen around town on everyone else.    
When you walk through the front door, you feel as though you have walked into a celebrity's closet.  The walls are lined with skirts, dresses, blouses, pants, and jackets on each side of the store, a vintage looking chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling, and vintage furniture is scattered about.  The prices are very affordable and I never leave empty handed.  You will be able to purchase items online very soon.  Definitely worth checking out!

I recently purchased this blousy white top with billowy sleeves.  Crisp and airy I love it with jeans.  I will be wearing this all weekend!!


Disney World ReCap

It is amazing how a week at Disney World can bring out so many sides of a child.  This proved to be true of my little one this past week as his sense of wonder, curiosity and his need for adventure brought out the many layers of his multifaceted personality.  So six hundred and seventy nine pictures later, (yes, you read that right-I'm a shutterbug-aholic) I was able to capture everything from his inner artist to his inner explorer.  We had an amazing time at a beautiful resort!  I hope you enjoy a snapshot of our week in pictures. 
{The Lover}

{The Actor}

{The Flirt}

{The Thrill-Seeker }

{The Swimmer}

{The Explorer}

{The Artist}

{The Animal Lover}

{The Junk Food Junkie}

{The Thinker}

{The Poser}

{The Goofball}

{The Dreamer}

{Mommy's Boy}

{Daddy's Boy}

{Our Resort}


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