Desire or Acquire

When it comes to shoes, my motto has always been "the higher, the better."  A girl can never have enough in the height department.  Unless, of course, you are blessed with supermodel gams.  I, unfortunately, was blessed with all of  5' 6" of cuteness!!  So I am always, inevitably sporting the highest of heels or wedges as seen herehere, and here.  I think I may actually try some of the super cute flats I have seen for spring and summer.  Now there are several that would be adorable on my feet but really ugly on my wallet.  I decided the ones I really desired had it's almost perfect twin out there for much less making it easier for me to actually acquire.  This inspired me to share my finds with you in what shall be my first of many posts entitled {Desire or Acquire}.  I even threw in some heels and wedges because they were just too cute to leave out.  Enjoy and surely you will find something to add to your own shoe wardrobe!  Angelia   

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