Disney World ReCap

It is amazing how a week at Disney World can bring out so many sides of a child.  This proved to be true of my little one this past week as his sense of wonder, curiosity and his need for adventure brought out the many layers of his multifaceted personality.  So six hundred and seventy nine pictures later, (yes, you read that right-I'm a shutterbug-aholic) I was able to capture everything from his inner artist to his inner explorer.  We had an amazing time at a beautiful resort!  I hope you enjoy a snapshot of our week in pictures. 
{The Lover}

{The Actor}

{The Flirt}

{The Thrill-Seeker }

{The Swimmer}

{The Explorer}

{The Artist}

{The Animal Lover}

{The Junk Food Junkie}

{The Thinker}

{The Poser}

{The Goofball}

{The Dreamer}

{Mommy's Boy}

{Daddy's Boy}

{Our Resort}


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