Off To The Happiest Place On Earth

We are off to the "Happiest Place On Earth".  I hope to return in a week with plenty of beautiful photographs, memories to treasure for a lifetime (like swimming in a big pool for the first timedigging for dinosaur bones,  and looking for hidden Mickys, and a little superhero who can't stop smiling (like herehere , and here ) or singing "It's a small world after all........"! 
 I will probably need a vacation from the vacation with the endless character greetings (such as MickyTigger,  and Buzz), breakfast with the characters, tours of Toontown, and boundless spins on the Teacups (see here for spin # 24). 
 Still it is all worth every painstaking minute of waiting through the seemingly never ending lines to hear the chortle that comes from my four year old after he has stopped Evil Emporer Zurg on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin or reved the engine of the Indy 500 style race car on the Speedway (as seen here). 
 The sweet treats alone will keep me going back every year!  So I wish you a wonderful week, no matter what you may be doing, and tune in for pics and posts from our trip!

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