Pistachio Crusted Chocolate Covered Strawberries

It never fails that every time I am walking through the local mall those succulent perfectly dipped chocolate covered strawberries with that sumptuous pop of crimson color stops me in my tracks.  I somehow always find myself with my nose pressed against the glass drooling for one of these Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  The next thing I know I am inside Godiva Chocolate, wallet in hand, ready to purchase a dozen!  I recently discovered this recipe that combines 3 of my favorite snacks!  How can you go wrong with chocolate, strawberries, and pistachios?  It proved to be as delectable and mouth watering as the pictures and 10 strawberries later, my husband indubitably agrees!  It is quick, easy, and oh so pretty!  Your friends will think you bought them from a fancy chocolatier!  What is your favorite chocolate treat recipe? 

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