Frozen Banana Berry Bars

There is hardly a dinner time meal that is not followed by dessert in our house.  It usually entails something rich, decadent, and chocolatey.  With swimsuit season already upon us, I have been trying to stay away from these little after dinner treats altogether.  When I recently came across this recipe, I thought there might be room to partake in dessert once again.  I love making desserts that take very little time and who doesn't feel as though they are indulging when eating a treat on a stick!  The agave syrup called for in the recipe was a great  sugar substitute.  The bars have a very creamy texture and definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.  It really is hard to believe that these are low-cal and at just 75 calories each, I enjoyed more than one.  Additionally, since the recipe includes bananas, berries, and buttermilk I felt it suitable for my little superhero to have one for breakfast!   

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