My Weekend in 14 Magazine Titles

I spent the day cleaning up my house to get ready for the weekend.  As I was picking up the 30 or so magazines off of the nightstand, I realized that I might have an addiction!  This does not even include the other 5 locations in my home where many other magazines take up residence.  

I actually said aloud, "I have so many magazines that I could write a book using just the titles".  So, as if I do not have enough to do, I found  myself seated at my writing desk,  pen in hand, writing out word after word, filling in a magazine title here and there, what has turned into my post for this Friday!  I hope you enjoy it!

here is the

on tap for this weekend.  First, in order to keep our

we will be checking out Rennigers 

on Saturday for some vintage

to shabby up my family room.

I have written about my love of shopping for antiques here and here

This will most likely have a

effect on our plans, as I am sure it will lead into many

projects that my husband is sure to grumble about!  I usually tell him that this is just

and he should feel

that I don't  just lay around and eat cheese puffs on the couch.....which reminds me we need to add in some

activities to offset the large, deep dish, meat lovers pizza we will be ordering tonight.  (OK, Stop Staring At Bikini Clad Girl and Keep Reading!)  Where was I, Oh yea-We usually like to keep Friday Nights

in our very

and go with your standard pizza and a movie. 

Lastly, we will be adding a hermit crab "Lady Love" to our apparently very lonely and single current hermit crab, who my son affectionately named "Cake". 

He recently informed me (my son,  not the crab) that "Cake" needs a girlfriend and we need to "get her soon" before "Cake" crys himself to his death.  I would like to name her

because it just sounds so romantic, but I am sure my son has a different idea in mind! 

By the way, if anyone can tell me how to tell a girl hermit crab from a boy hermit crab, please inform me!  In an effort to honor my son's matchmaking spirit, I want to give Cake his "Lady Love" and not just a crab dude to lounge from shell to shell with! 

Well, that's my weekend in magazine titles.  I hope yours is as interesting as mine is sure to be.

I think first thing Monday Morning, I need to get

with my therapist to discuss my ridiculous magazine addiction!  Happy Weekend!


What I Want Wednesday-Sparkles, Ruffles, Lace, and Baubles

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I got my usual email this morning that I get every few weeks from Jcrew.  It is like music to my ears, Picasso to my eyes, and chocolate to my mouth when I see those 8 little words-extra 30% off final sale plus free shipping

The problem is that everything I wanted is not on sale!  SIGH!  It is what I very much wanted this Wednesday, but I could only afford to make this lovely slide show instead! 

I hope you enjoy it and if you are lucky enough to purchase any of the items in the list, would you just think of me when you wear them?  Maybe through some weird telepathy, I will feel as though I am wearing it too! 

I am now off to empty my shopping cart of the non sale items and fill it with a comparable substitute!

PS-Jcrew-If you by chance stumble across this post-I am a size 8 on a good day, but can go up to a size 10-just in case you would like to show your appreciation for my free advertising LOVE!  I know, I know-wishful thinking!

More Information on the items in the slideshow can be found at the links below:

Khloe Jacquard Cami-$88.00
Sosie Sequin Tank-$495.00
Silk and Sequin Scoopneck Tee-$148.00
Metallic Sequined Bell Skirt-$275.00
Confetti Ruffle Shirt-$89.50
Betsy Wrap Cami-$110.00
Lacy Cami-$695.00
Shimmer Chantilly Dress-$650.00
Love Me Knot Satin Platform Heels-$285.00
Large Silk Blossom Pin-$18.50
Knotty Pearl Necklace-$78.00
Crystal Pebble Necklace-$128.00
Crystal Mosaic Earrings-$65.00


Hot Mess TO Best Dressed

Would you rather be a HOT MESS or Best Dressed?

I have realized lately that I very much enjoy reading or watching about befores and afters, fashion do's and fashion don'ts, or best dressed lists and worst dressed lists. 

I love Glamour Magazine's Dos and Don'ts.  I love any of the home dec shows that show the before and after rooms.  I love award season shows where the best dressed and worst dressed lists are created. 

I recently came across this fun little site that features a  Las Vegas Live Street Cam.  It is embarrassingly addicting as you watch live feeds of people walking on the street.  During my viewing sessions, I have come across a few people that one might consider a HOT MESS and need an immediate intervention from Staci London, the host of  What Not To Wear.  

I love the way she can take a HOT MESS of a person and turn he or she into a style maven worthy of spot on any Best Dressed List in Hollywood.  I thought it might be fun to try my hand at this.  So I Googled HOT MESS to see what I came up with and unfortunately I can't share what I saw!! 

So I kept at it and came up with quite a few pics of some special ladies and celebrities that could be considered one HOT MESS!  Now don't get me wrong, I could be considered a HOT MESS at times as well, but only in the privacy of my own home!!!!! 

There is always a way to style up your look and rock it out no matter what type of clothing you enjoy wearing!  So just like the first example in this post, I have added a few more pictures to show you how to go from one HOT MESS to Best Dressed with a few simple changes.
For this HOT MESS, I kept the shorts and top idea, but changed out the huge, very outdated tropical pattern to a solid classic style shirt.  I changed out the (always makes you look bigger) white shorts for a light tan color.

For this one HOT MESS, really...do I even need to give an explanation?

Now I love Courtny Love and I  have seen her in magazines looking quite beautiful!  Unfortunately, I have seen her looking like one HOT MESS more often!  She is such a pretty girl and I think the look on the right still has a little funkiness too it, but would keep her on the Best Dressed List.

For this one HOT MESS, oh Brittany, Brittany, Brittany.  Her look here is not that bad, but she would look so polished with the very similar look on the right!

This just confuses me???? Leighten Meester,  plays the very posh, stylish, and conservative Blair on Gossip Girls so maybe she just has to try the other extreme when off camera, but really?  I mean really!  This is beyond a HOT MESS!

My last little HOT MESS is Betty, from Ugly Betty .  I know, I know it is for her character, but wouldn't the look on the right look so much cuter?

OK, by now you are probably thinking that I have grown crazily addicted to the term HOT MESS, but actually I am participating in a fun little word game called Word Up, YO!  Each week, readers are given a word and they must use it in context in one of their posts as many times as they can! 

This weeks word (also referred to as WOW for Word of Week) is HOT MESS.  It was a lot of fun to write this post, but now I am referring to everything in our household as a HOT MESS!  It is driving my husband crazy and next weeks word can't get here soon enough. 

For more info on WOW check out a belle, a bean, & a chicago dog, an awesome blog smartly written, very witty, and a lot of fun!

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Make Me Laugh Monday and Weekend Bits

Happy Monday!  Here is a peek of our weekend filled with the park, a walk on the river, pizza, and lots of hugs and kisses from my little superhero!  I hope your weekend was spent doing something fun with someone you love!

Along with the usual bits of my weekend, I thought it would be fun to start a new weekly feature to get you through the Monday Blues by keeping you in side-splitting laughter.  All you have to do is get ready to laugh and share something that will keep our frowns upside down!!!  

If it's your first time linking up, here is what you will do:

1.  Share a post on whatever you want, but make sure it will make us laugh!

2.  It can be a picture, video,  joke, something you came across on the Internet, or a funny thing  happened when we......story.

3.  PLEASE keep it family friendly!  Explicit sites or posts will be removed!

4.  Add a link below to a specific blog post/not your main blog address.

5.  No pressure to follow anyone just leave me a comment on the post(include url) you thought was the funniest!  I will feature the post that was most commented on next Monday!
It would be nice to let that person know that they made you laugh!  You know how it feels when we get positive comments!!

6.  Whenever you feel stressed or upset throughout the week, think back about that funny post that made you laugh! 

Here is my funny for the week!  It is my son wearing my high heels, dancing the jiggiest jig I have ever seen!  This makes me laugh every time I watch it!  I hope it will bring a smile to your face as well!  Have a great week!


A Friday Smilebox-Beach-Sand, Surf and Sunshine

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Just a little Friday Smilebox to get you into the weekend mode!  Wherever you may be or whatever you are doing this weekend, I wish you a joyous one!!  Happy Weekend! 


Change Is Good!

As you can see (for those of you who have been here before) I have made some changes to my blog.  If this is your first time here, your in for a treat-keep reading!  

I have spent my day beautifying my little nest in blogosphere!  I recently came across this absolutely awesome blog that is written and put together by a very creative and giving mommy of 3.  I have not personally met Megan, but if  I ever do, I would give her a big hug and a big thank you for making it so easy to add your own personal touch to your blog. 

She is the creative genius behind shabbyblogs.com and everything is free!  She makes it very easy for anyone to add that little something extra to your place in cyberspace.  Her blog includes tutorials and videos to help you along the way and there is a large selection of backgrounds, headers, buttons, and much more, all yours for the taking! 

It's girly and pretty with a shabby chic style.  It would make Rachel Ashwell proud!!  She gives each background fun names like "Southern Girl" and "Ridiculously Fabulous".  She is continuously coming up with new things to give away, as well as tips for working with blog templates. 

This blog has taken up residence at the top of my favorites list!  If you like that shabby chic style, this site is definitely for you and even if it is not your cup of tea, you would definitely learn a lot by checking it out!  I have included just a small sampling of some of the backgrounds available below!  Happy Decorating! 



Poet and Painter

Good Like That

Southern Girl

Ridiculously Fabulous


New Moon


What I WantWednesday-Z Gallerie's Interior Designer

My "What I Want Wednesday" this week is the interior designer who set up the floor displays at Z Gallerie!  I was window shopping at our local designer mall recently and this black and white striped cabana took up residence in my peripheral vision.
I made an immediate dash toward the entrance- (sorry to the lady whose pant cuff ripped when my heel caught it just right which led to a few more unfortunate events and sorry about the large bruise you probably have by now on your derriere!)  Following a few apologies, I stood awe struck in front of this lovely creation! 

After a few "mind movies" that included me in my backyard entertaining and dinner partying it up under my beautiful black and white striped cabana, sitting on my chic white sofas, and explaining to my guests that my designer assured me that the large candle holders definitely added the wow factor, I snapped back to reality when the man next to me asked me if I was alright. 

Knowing I had better move along before I hear "SECURITY" over the mall intercom, I made my way throughout the rest of the store pondering how hard it might be to just move in right here.  You know, hide under one of the beds or something until closing and then have some dinner at one of the beautiful table settings, curl up on one of the fluffy couches to read a book, and sleep soundly in the plush bedding that adorn the chic beds. 

OK, all kidding aside, I had to eventually get out of there before I was arrested for loitering.  So I snapped a few pics with the thought that maybe I could at least turn them into some artwork for my walls!  Sigh! 

Some of my favorites from Z Gallerie include: the Concerto Bed, these chic combos, and I love this Boot Umbrella Stand.  Check out the Website, it is filled with chic furniture and beautiful accessories!  Just be careful, you may start hearing your own little "mind movies"!  And if you hear "SECURITY" make a run for it, just try to dodge anyone with cuffed pants! 

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