Beauty in the City

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I recently spent an afternoon with my family exploring our city.  We have been to our downtown area many times before, but yesterday with no real agenda, destination, or time schedule we were thrilled with our new discoveries. 

We now have two new cafes we want to try, a vintage bookstore that I will be revisiting in the near future, and a cool little wine bar that would make a perfect "date night" spot!  The best part of our day was taking the time to see the beauty in the simple things. 

For example, during a little-I Spy Something Green-game with my little one, he pointed out a huge door in the prettiest shade of green.  Of course, with my camera (always in my hand) I had to snap a few pics. 

A fountain was a beautiful spot for a break and for throwing in a penny for a wish, which happens to be one of my son's favorite things to do!  This of course led into a discussion on what should we wish for, which got my husband all chatty about following your dreams.  With our very last penny tossed in and a smile turning upside down on my son's face I made a note to self to keep plenty of pennies on hand in the future!  I am so thankful for the friendly golden retriever that walked by turning the penny throwing into dog petting and probably deterring a tantrum. 

At the end of our little day trip a train roaring through the railroad crossing had us stopped for a few minutes on our way home.  This fascinated my son who followed up with many "wh" questions.  We pulled off the road near the tracks and let him get a closer view.

The tracks were really pretty, glistening in the sunlight.  I loved how they curved around into the trees and brush where you could not see them anymore.  My son kept asking me, "where are they going mama?"  I just said there going somewhere. My husband chimed in, "maybe they are following their dream!"  Of course this led into a new series of "wh" questions.  

I am happy to be following my dreams.  It is a joy to be able to teach my son about beauty.  It is an honor to share in his sense of wonder and it allows for my husband and I to rediscover the little mysteries of the world.  So the next time I see a huge pile of leaves, I am going to see them through my son's eyes and take a running leap right into the middle of them instead of raking them up!    Angelia

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  1. Angelia, thank you for the kind LinkReferral review. I, now, am following your blog, too. :) That fountain shot is classic Vogue! Stellar!


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