Granny Chic

I usually like to wear one statement piece of jewelry such as a large embellished cuff or a long chunky necklace when accessorizing my daily outfits.  I find it to be easier having a few pieces to choose from and makes for a quicker exit out the door.  I am loving, however, this "granny chic" look that I am seeing pop up in fall lookbooks and magazines.  Every style of jacket from blazers to military are being adorned with brooches.  I love this vintage look updated in such a modern way.  Now I realize that it will take a little longer to accessorize, but I will just have to add in an extra 10 minutes in the name of fashion!  I can't wait to try this look with my vintage brooches I recently purchased at a local flea market.  Here are a few brooches that caught my eye recently.  What is your take on this trend?

You can get more information on the brooches by clicking on the links: 
1.  Pearl Crystal Brooch from Avalaya
3.  Feather Enamel Brooch from Avalaya
4.  Large Fabric Rose Brooch from Avalaya
5.  Peony Enamel Sparkle Brooch from Monsoon 

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  1. I love that granny chic look and the broaches...very cool! You have a fun blog here. This is my first visit, but I'll be back. :)


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