My Weekend in 14 Magazine Titles

I spent the day cleaning up my house to get ready for the weekend.  As I was picking up the 30 or so magazines off of the nightstand, I realized that I might have an addiction!  This does not even include the other 5 locations in my home where many other magazines take up residence.  

I actually said aloud, "I have so many magazines that I could write a book using just the titles".  So, as if I do not have enough to do, I found  myself seated at my writing desk,  pen in hand, writing out word after word, filling in a magazine title here and there, what has turned into my post for this Friday!  I hope you enjoy it!

here is the

on tap for this weekend.  First, in order to keep our

we will be checking out Rennigers 

on Saturday for some vintage

to shabby up my family room.

I have written about my love of shopping for antiques here and here

This will most likely have a

effect on our plans, as I am sure it will lead into many

projects that my husband is sure to grumble about!  I usually tell him that this is just

and he should feel

that I don't  just lay around and eat cheese puffs on the couch.....which reminds me we need to add in some

activities to offset the large, deep dish, meat lovers pizza we will be ordering tonight.  (OK, Stop Staring At Bikini Clad Girl and Keep Reading!)  Where was I, Oh yea-We usually like to keep Friday Nights

in our very

and go with your standard pizza and a movie. 

Lastly, we will be adding a hermit crab "Lady Love" to our apparently very lonely and single current hermit crab, who my son affectionately named "Cake". 

He recently informed me (my son,  not the crab) that "Cake" needs a girlfriend and we need to "get her soon" before "Cake" crys himself to his death.  I would like to name her

because it just sounds so romantic, but I am sure my son has a different idea in mind! 

By the way, if anyone can tell me how to tell a girl hermit crab from a boy hermit crab, please inform me!  In an effort to honor my son's matchmaking spirit, I want to give Cake his "Lady Love" and not just a crab dude to lounge from shell to shell with! 

Well, that's my weekend in magazine titles.  I hope yours is as interesting as mine is sure to be.

I think first thing Monday Morning, I need to get

with my therapist to discuss my ridiculous magazine addiction!  Happy Weekend!


  1. OH MY! I have the same addition!! That was very COOL!
    thanks for stopping by Girl In Air
    I'm a new follower!

  2. Super funny!!!! I could do the same thing...I'm addicted too!

  3. Thank you for stopping by Obviously MARvelous and becoming a follower! Im now following you back and looking forward to reading more!


  4. I'm loving your blog and happily following!! It's just so much fun and your title makes me smile! ha!! love it! I can't wait to look at your previous posts as well! Thank you for coming to FFD and hope to chat soon!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~


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