No, Not Hammer Time

Notice the large bubble of air protruding from my backside! 

I could not believe my eyes this weekend, when I walked into H&M and spotted "Hammer Pants" hanging right there in the front window on the very first rack you see when you walk into the store.
I was thinking to myself, "Whhhaaattttt", these can't be back!"  Then that infamous little ditty, U Can't Touch This, crept into my head as I was grabbing those pants off the rack and making my way to the dressing room. ( "My, my, my music hits me so hard/Makes me say "Oh my Lord".....Break it down, stop, Hammer time"), I sang a little too loudly and a lot off tune as I pulled on this crazy fad of a pant that I swore I would never wear again after their heyday in the 80's.
But, there I stood admiring myself in the mirror, thinking could I, should I, would I dare?  It must of been the fact that the medium were huge, the small were too big, and the extra small were just right that made me make my way up to the cashier and whip out my wallet, swipe my Visa, and proudly walk out of the store-Hammer Pants in hand!.  That size label does something to a girl's ego every time!   Even if these are really just a parachute with an elastic waist that stretches for miles no matter what size you try on. 

I can understand the invention of such a trouser since break dancers needed mobility for their dance routines with out fear of friction burns from the carpet or cement they were dancing on.  The new "Hammer Pant" is being called "Harem Pants".  (As if this posh term is going to make them look any different!)  Well, a break dancer I am not, but a slave to fashion I definitely am! 

So I proudly sported my new "Hammer Pants" this weekend with a smile on my face and a song that I can't get out of my head!!!!  Watch as Hammer Pants take over a Hollywood store for a good laugh!  Viewer beware, you may be singing U Can't Touch This all week!  Happy Monday! 

These pants are great for sitting like this!
And for doing this!
Is it a Fashion Do or a Fashion Don't

These pants allow for so much mobility, I can walk on tree stumps in 5 inch heels!  Take that Mc Hammer!

Will I make the Best Dressed List or The Worst Dressed List?

A few more bits of our weekend!


  1. definitely on the Best Dressed List!

  2. Sweet blog. This is my first visit, and I hope to see you again. Ah, dresses - it must be comfortable without looking too odd!



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