Pretzel Sparklers

These Pretzel Sparklers made a tasty treat for our July Fourth Celebration.  They are very easy to make and make a pretty decoration to your table.  The sweet and salty flavors are oh so good.  We definitely could not eat just one.
You need Sprinkles
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
Pretzel Sticks
After you melt your chocolate chips brush
 the chocolate onto the end of your pretzel.
Cover the dipped end in sprinkles.
That is it!
My little superhero was a great helper.

The last and best step is eat and enjoy!  We sure did!


  1. Okay, how fun are these? I love them and can't wait to make them with my little people.

  2. My little one loved it!!! Thanks for stopping by. Let me know how they turn out!


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