Vintage Brooch Ribbon Necklace

I have been collecting vintage brooches from flea markets and antique stores for the past year.  I was excited when I came across this little crafty project for brooch ribbon necklaces recently and finally tried it out!  I was pleasantly surprised with how they turned out and find it to be a creative way to reuse or recycle something in a new way!  It is even more special if the brooches or earrings were handed down from someone special!  Either way, it makes a pretty accessory to your favorite blouse and adds a little wow factor to any outfit!  The best part is when someone asks you where you got it, you can demurely say, "I made it!"  Happy Jewelry Making! 

Supplies-Wire Cutters, Needle Nose Pliers, Tweezers,
Silk Ribbon-1 1/2 " wide cut into 4 (24" strips), Sandpaper,
Clear Nail Polish, Glue Gun, Copper Spray Paint, Jump Rings,
Paper Towels

With your wire cutters, snap off backings to your jewelry, using the sandpaper sand down any rough edges, use clear nail polish on any sharp edge remaining. 

Spray each piece with copper spray paint and wipe off with a paper towel immediately.  This gives the jewelry a vintage shabby look, like it has discolored over time.

Arrange your pieces to your liking.  I used 5 brooches and 4 pairs of earrings.

Add your jump rings using the needle nose pliers to connect the pieces together and finish off with your ribbon.

Tie around your neck and admire your jewelry making chops!!


  1. They are adorable :D
    I wish I'm as creative and talented as you ^^

    catherine catarina

  2. BEAUTIFUL! what a great idea. and it looks really nice on you. i like the copper spray paint effect.
    lol- you said great minds think alike ;) i would definitely wear this.

  3. What a great idea- I have many pins and brooches I collected or was given before I decided I'm not a brooch sort of gal. I will definitely try this out!

  4. I saw a necklace very similar to your on Etsy for over 150 I'm so excited to find your blog and try to make this necklace for my wedding...wish me luck


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