Weekend Fun

{Pretzel Sparklers-How To Coming This Week}

My weekend will be a memorable fourth despite the weather.  Even though the rain kept us inside most of the day, we did manage to find a few dry minutes to kick around the soccer ball and play an improvised version of croquet.  Here is our weekend in pics, loaded with a lot of yummy treats and my favorite people!

{A little soccer to burn off some of my little one's energy.}

{A buffet style spread for our indoor picnic.}

{My little patriotic superhero!}

{Popcorn to go with the many showings of Fantastic Four requested over and over again by the little one!}

{A short game of croquet helped to burn off some more of that energy!}

{It is not a July 4th celebration without a few of these!}

{Our indoor picnic ready to go.}

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