What I Want Wednesday-Sparkles, Ruffles, Lace, and Baubles

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I got my usual email this morning that I get every few weeks from Jcrew.  It is like music to my ears, Picasso to my eyes, and chocolate to my mouth when I see those 8 little words-extra 30% off final sale plus free shipping

The problem is that everything I wanted is not on sale!  SIGH!  It is what I very much wanted this Wednesday, but I could only afford to make this lovely slide show instead! 

I hope you enjoy it and if you are lucky enough to purchase any of the items in the list, would you just think of me when you wear them?  Maybe through some weird telepathy, I will feel as though I am wearing it too! 

I am now off to empty my shopping cart of the non sale items and fill it with a comparable substitute!

PS-Jcrew-If you by chance stumble across this post-I am a size 8 on a good day, but can go up to a size 10-just in case you would like to show your appreciation for my free advertising LOVE!  I know, I know-wishful thinking!

More Information on the items in the slideshow can be found at the links below:

Khloe Jacquard Cami-$88.00
Sosie Sequin Tank-$495.00
Silk and Sequin Scoopneck Tee-$148.00
Metallic Sequined Bell Skirt-$275.00
Confetti Ruffle Shirt-$89.50
Betsy Wrap Cami-$110.00
Lacy Cami-$695.00
Shimmer Chantilly Dress-$650.00
Love Me Knot Satin Platform Heels-$285.00
Large Silk Blossom Pin-$18.50
Knotty Pearl Necklace-$78.00
Crystal Pebble Necklace-$128.00
Crystal Mosaic Earrings-$65.00


  1. aaw that's quite a line >.<

    with love.

  2. You know, J.Crew makes me angry with their beautiful clothes and hideous price tags.

  3. Hello!

    I love my sister fashionista blogs! Great posts!

    Visiting from Friendly Friday Follow and is a new follower of your blog through Google Connect.

    Please stop by sometime and visit my blog at www.styleingenuity.com.

    Shelli :)

  4. Cute blog!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog & following. I am now following you!




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