What I WantWednesday-Z Gallerie's Interior Designer

My "What I Want Wednesday" this week is the interior designer who set up the floor displays at Z Gallerie!  I was window shopping at our local designer mall recently and this black and white striped cabana took up residence in my peripheral vision.
I made an immediate dash toward the entrance- (sorry to the lady whose pant cuff ripped when my heel caught it just right which led to a few more unfortunate events and sorry about the large bruise you probably have by now on your derriere!)  Following a few apologies, I stood awe struck in front of this lovely creation! 

After a few "mind movies" that included me in my backyard entertaining and dinner partying it up under my beautiful black and white striped cabana, sitting on my chic white sofas, and explaining to my guests that my designer assured me that the large candle holders definitely added the wow factor, I snapped back to reality when the man next to me asked me if I was alright. 

Knowing I had better move along before I hear "SECURITY" over the mall intercom, I made my way throughout the rest of the store pondering how hard it might be to just move in right here.  You know, hide under one of the beds or something until closing and then have some dinner at one of the beautiful table settings, curl up on one of the fluffy couches to read a book, and sleep soundly in the plush bedding that adorn the chic beds. 

OK, all kidding aside, I had to eventually get out of there before I was arrested for loitering.  So I snapped a few pics with the thought that maybe I could at least turn them into some artwork for my walls!  Sigh! 

Some of my favorites from Z Gallerie include: the Concerto Bed, these chic combos, and I love this Boot Umbrella Stand.  Check out the Website, it is filled with chic furniture and beautiful accessories!  Just be careful, you may start hearing your own little "mind movies"!  And if you hear "SECURITY" make a run for it, just try to dodge anyone with cuffed pants! 

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  1. you know everything in the gallery always nice and makes me keep on wondering if I can get all of em :D

    good post, by the way <3




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