Make Me Laugh Monday and a Video of a Stuffed Woobie

Happy Monday!  So as usual I was surrounded by Superheroes and Disney Movies this weekend! You know, it's just life with a 4 year old!
Friday included our 13th viewing of  BOLT. (which inspired our video below)  On Saturday, Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, and Mr. Incredible made an appearance when I went to pull out my wallet to pay for our ice cream.
They just tumbled right out scattering about the floor along with my Bobbi Brown Gloss in Dusty Rose and my Spanx power panties (OK, that's an entire post in itself -soon to be posted!)

The look on the young guy's face taking my money was priceless!  I just looked at him and said, "There pretty powerful!  Embarrassed and red faced, I hurried off wishing they had the power to erase his memory so I could continue to come buy my favorite milkshake.  As soon as we got home, I searched the internet for a new ice cream shop!

Finally, after our little superhero was off to dreamland, my husband and I got crazy with the digital camera and some video editing software!  OK, I know what your thinking-stop it!!!!!  This is a family friendly blog!!  See the video below for a look at how two parents spend their time when they have been around Superheroes and Walt Disney characters tooooooooo long!
(Be sure you have your volume turned on so you can get the full effects!)


I hope this at least brought a smile to your face, now it is your turn to bring a smile to mine!  I hope you will participate in Make Me Laugh Monday!

I thought it would be fun to start a new weekly feature to get you through the Monday Blues by keeping you in side-splitting laughter. All you have to do is get ready to laugh and share something that will keep our frowns upside down!!!

If it's your first time linking up, here is what you will do:
1. Share a post on whatever you want, but make sure it will make us laugh!

2. It can be a picture, video, joke, something you came across on the Internet, or a funny thing happened when we......story.  It does not have to be from today's post,  but any post throughout the week can be linked up.  You just have to come back here and link up at the bottom of my post from today.  The Linky will be open through Saturday!

3. PLEASE keep it family friendly! Explicit sites or posts will be removed!

4. Add a link below where it says - You are next, Click here to enter-Just be sure you are adding a link to a specific blog post/not your main blog address.

5. No pressure to follow anyone just please leave ME a comment at the bottom of my Make Me Laugh Monday post and tell me which post you thought was the funniest!  You will be able to see every post that was linked over the week, by clicking on the thumbnails that will appear at the bottom as they are linked in.   I will feature the post that was most commented on next Monday!

6. Whenever you feel stressed or upset throughout the week, think back about that funny post that made you laugh!

7.  This is also a blog hop (See below where it says-What is a blog hop?-click there for more info and then where it says get the code-be sure to click there so you can copy and paste it at the end of your post!

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  1. Hi. I wish I did have something funny for the linky. I do however have a sunshine award for you.I just love how postive and happy your blog is.



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