A Soccer Weekend and Make Me Laugh Monday

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Another weekend was spent centered around my little superhero.  Click play for a peek at his very first soccer practice.  He showed his athletic ability out on the field, but an hour of running and kicking in the hot sun proved to be very trying for him!  When we got in the car to go home he informed me that he would not be playing soccer "ever, ever, ever again," because "it tired him out,"  but he would definitely be attending the end of the season cupcake party the coach told the children about.  We had a talk about finishing what you start and after a few tears, one long tantrum, and a discussion about how his shin guards rubbed him the wrong way, he will be showing up for his first game in a few weeks!  Happy Monday and don't forget to link up something funny for Make Me Laugh Monday.


I thought it would be fun to start a new weekly feature to get you through the Monday Blues by keeping you in side-splitting laughter. All you have to do is get ready to laugh and share something that will keep our frowns upside down!!!

If it's your first time linking up, here is what you will do:
1. Share a post on whatever you want, but make sure it will make us laugh!

2. It can be a picture, video, joke, something you came across on the Internet, or a funny thing happened when we......story. It does not have to be from today's post, but any post throughout the week can be linked up. You just have to come back here and link up at the bottom of my post from today. The Linky will be open through Saturday!

3. PLEASE keep it family friendly! Explicit sites or posts will be removed!

4. Add a link below where it says - You are next, Click here to enter-Just be sure you are adding a link to a specific blog post/not your main blog address.

5. No pressure to follow anyone just please leave ME a comment at the bottom of my Make Me Laugh Monday post and tell me which post you thought was the funniest! You will be able to see every post that was linked over the week, by clicking on the thumbnails that will appear at the bottom as they are linked in. I will feature the post that was most commented on next Monday!

6. Whenever you feel stressed or upset throughout the week, think back about that funny post that made you laugh!

7. This is also a blog hop (See below where it says-What is a blog hop?-click there for more info and then where it says get the code-be sure to click there so you can copy and paste it at the end of your post!

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