Weekends Make Me Smile

I love weekends!  They always make me smile.  Here are a few other things that bring a smile to my face.
 Warm tea before bed in my French Market Cups.

Making scrapbook pages of my son.

Any pair of shoes with an animal print!

When my son makes something special for me!

When my husband tells me I smell good!

My son's artwork!

Pictures of me, drawn by my little Picasso.

When my son writes his name all by himself!

I hope your weekend brings many smiles to your face!  Have a happy one!


  1. The picture your son drew of you is absolutely priceless! You truly should frame that! Found u thru New Friend Fridays....It's good to "meet" you. You too have a really enjoyable weekend! Pam @ Sallygoodin

  2. Your post made me smile, too! Love the son's artwork - mine will enter Kindergarten this fall (only a few weeks away?!?! how did THAT happen?).

    Came across your blog via http://thegirlcreative.blogspot.com/ and I'm glad I did.

    Sheila @ http://farmhousewife.blogspot.com

    Have a LOVELY weekend!

  3. Thanks for stopping in my blogfrog community! i ♥ my girls' artwork too. For 16 years - most of the artwork in my home has been their art on the walls - everywhere! people stopping by their blogs now often exclaim about their creativity and wonder out loud how they all managed to "get so creative". I love to think it's because they were given total access to art supplies {mess , schmess} and surrounded by creativity their whole lives. ;) Tea is a favorite of mine in chilly weather - for now it's cans of frosty Diet Coke. And my husband smelling good makes me smile every time!! Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. angelia! thanks so much for visiting dessert or diet!!! i love your blog and yes, 'great minds do think ALIKE! i love the things that make you smile! have a happy weekend!! xo

  5. hey great blog & I am ur newest follower & I hope u follow back too as its fun to make new bloggy friends

  6. thanks for stoppin gby My Junk Drawer. :) I am following back.


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