Random Shots From The Last Little While

Happy Monday! 

To all of my followers, Thanks so much for sticking with me over the last month! 

I have very much missed posting as much as I would like to on my blog and have especially missed reading many of my favorite blogs out there in the blogosphere! 

My new adventure as a 4th grade teacher has been very  rewarding.  I have spent the last 18 years as a special educator, so this has been a bit of a learning curve for me.  I have been putting in long hours and feel such a responsibility to give 110% to my students. 

I am just now getting the hang of it and am actually finishing up my work day about an hour earlier than I have been.  I think I even logged in a few less hours of grading papers and lesson planning this past weekend. 

I am looking forward to enjoying many of my favorite past times again, including posting more throughout the week.  Here are some random pics from the past few months. 

Check back in on Tuesday for a new outfit post and if you have something funny to share, link up to my Make Me Laugh Monday!!!  I need some giggles to start out my busy week ahead!

AAAAHHHH, The Life of a Dog!  Our dog Daisy doing what she does best!
Cute Piggy Banks from a recent Target Photo Shoot!  Stay tuned for that!
I am excited to have more time to enjoy my new wood floors!
This is how I have started every Friday for the last 4 weeks!  It has been my little treat after a long week!
A picture of my son's awestruck expression by either Ken's plastic hair or Mrs. Potato Head's Hat from our Toy Story On Ice outing a few Fridays back.  See the next 2 pics.  My son made two comments when the show was over-"What was wrong with Ken's hair mommy?", and  "I want a hat like Mrs. Potato Head!"  This last comment did not make my husband very happy to say the least.  Oh well, Ken's helmet head did not make me happy or Barbie for that matter!  They broke up half way through the show.  Really, I mean really couldn't Disney have done a better job in wardrobe?

Just a cute pic of my little superhero at a birthday celebration.

OK, the next few pics are great.  You see my son's very best friend has joined his soccer team.  Unfortunately, not a lot of soccer is being played by either of them during the games.  They are definitely playing, but not soccer.  I though it was funny that my son's number is 6 and his best friend's number is 9.

See lots of laughing.  The other children are at the other end of the field trying to make a goal!

Here again, my son playing everything but soccer!  The bad thing about it is he is really good at soccer!

Here-just two peas in a pod-IN THE WRONG GOAL.  They made their way to the teams goal right next to our field during the game.  The coach is yelling at them to get back in the game!  I made a quick escape to the bathroom very red faced. 

Here again, attempting to fly appears to be more important than soccer!  Oh well, this was the very first game and he did much better this past weekend!  Let's hope it sticks!

My little superhero attempting the rock wall for the first time!

So proud of himself for making it to the top!

So proud of all of the new things my little man has mastered-like writing his first and last name, counting to 50, and coloring in the lines!  Oh-the little things!!
I realized after looking through these pics that it has not been all work and no play!  I have enjoyed a few pleasures over the last month!  It looks as though I now need to join the gym!!!!

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