Here Comes Santa?

My toddler informed me yesterday that he would like to invite Santa over for Thanksgiving dinner.  It went something like this, "Mom, does Santa eat turkey?"  "Sure", I said without thinking as I read my latest issue of House Beautiful.  "Can we invite him over for Turkey Day?"  Looking up from my magazine, I knew I had to think quick.  "Santa is very busy this time of year with reading and checking all of those lists and checking in on who is being naughty or nice", I tried to redirect him.  My son thought for a moment and then asked me if I would make a video of  him singing Here Comes Santa Claus and then send it to the North Pole.  "Do you think  he will come over if he sees my video?", he asked.  "Let's try it", I said.    Then I smiled for the rest of the day.  Happy Turkey Day!

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