Tom Turkey as Superman?

Tom Turkey as Superman by My Little SuperHero
Backdrop by SuperMom

I remember the days when you would just decorate a turkey with your child by coloring a picture of one, gluing on a few feathers, and maybe adding a set of googly eyes.  I was a little stumped this past Friday when I picked up my little superhero from school.  His assignment-"Disguise Tom Turkey so that he will not be noticed and cooked for Thanksgiving dinner".  We had a choice of disguises including:  a sheep, a cat (not sure about that one), an Indian, a pilgrim, or Superman.  Of course, my daily life entails something superheroish each day.  No surprise here which disguise my own little super guy would choose.  I hope you won't mistake this Superman for Tom Turkey!!!  This Thanksgiving I think we will have fish!  Happy Monday!

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