What I Want Wednesday-White & Airy

Nothing gets me in the mood for spring than the quintessential white dress.  Whether it has a conservative "Ladies who Lunch " vibe or an easy breezy strapless bandeau top, I love breaking out my favorite white dress or shopping for a new one.  I love that girly feeling you get when you slip one on, but I also like to mix it up a bit with black blazers and edgy boots.  Either way, this fashon piece makes spring one of my favorite seasons to dress for.  Here are a few that I would love to "spring" for!

1.  Ladies Who Lunch, Modcloth, $48
2.  Sheer Sleeve Shift, TOPSHOP, $100
3.  Bow Embelllished, net-a-porter, $2600
4.  Pleated Bandeau, COAST, $275
5.  Wednesday Dress, Vivienne Westwood, $607



As a teacher of fourth graders, I run into the occasional bully.  Building a community where there is kindness and respect for each other and their differences is always at the top of my daily routine.  This Taylor Swift song has been a perfect tool for showing my kids how to respond to being bullied as well as making the few bullies think twice before they try to bring someone down. So now it has become sort of our theme song and I have actually seen my students showing more respect and kindness to one another! I love it and I can't stop listening to it!!
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