Fossils, Bugs, and Volcanoes Oh My

Our big outing for the weekend was visiting the Science Center. Lots of learning and fun!
The Megladon tooth and the fossil dig were big hits. This link has a really cool video that uses CGI to show the massive size of a Megladon. My little superhero watched it over and over when we got home. We spent our Sunday researching sharks on the internet. He will never go in the water again! Have an awesome week.

A Little Superhero Video
Howlin' For The Science Center


Chicken Dance by Little Superhero

This is how we ended our long busy week.  I was blessed with a little Chicken Dance on our ride home from school.  Little Superhero has asked to be featured in a series of video diaries.  Translation-"Mom, video this!"  (He enjoys seeing himself on the big screen!)  Check back for more videos made by him!  Have a great weekend!! 


Too Pretty To Eat

I love baking sweet treats, but have been too busy to attempt any new recipes over the last several months.  Now with the holidays right around the corner, I am ready to break out the mixer and the rolling pin!  Looking for a little inspiration, I found these beautiful creations that are just too pretty to eat.  They were also too pretty not to share.  Links to each photo can be found below.

Yes, this is an edible cake!!!!!!!

This is too cute to eat!!!!!

1.  Sprinkle Bakes
2.  Love & Olive Oil
3.  Sweetapolita
4.  Brides
5.  the story of kat
6.  babble
7.  Southern Living
8.  Sprinkle Bakes
9.  Sprinkle Bakes
10.  Sara's Party Perfect


Pumpkin Patch

Every year in October, I long for a real pumpkin farm to take my little superhero.  I remember visiting Martha's Vineyard years ago in the fall.  We took a hayride out to a large field to pick our own pumpkins. 

This past weekend, we made the best of what our area of the country has to offer and still had a great time.  The air was not as crisp and the leaves were still green, but we did manage to find the perfect pumpkin to carve this year. 

In my search for a pumpkin patch in our area, I came across the beautiful photos posted below that remind me of the pumpkin patch I visited in Martha's Vineyard.
Here are some pumpkin patches, farms, and festivals in Florida:
Hunsader Farms
Long and Scott Farms
Holland Farms
The Little Farm
Pumpkin Patch at Lake Regional Park
Uncle Donald's Farm
Magnolia Farms
Stanley Pond Farm




I came across this fun video doing a little web surfing this week.  I love seeing all of the fashion over the years and the music and dancing really get you in the mood for the weekend! 

We are planning on enjoying the beautiful fall weather by taking a trip to Stanley Pond Farm to enjoy a hayride and pumpkin patch.  I hope to find just the right pumpkins to make these adorable owls to add to  my fall decorations.

And it just would not feel like a fall weekend without a little crafting and baking.  I want to try making this black paper wreath and these yummy leaf shape ginger crisps.  Wanting in on the action too, my little superhero is making these cute little bat o' lanterns.

How are you spending your weekend?  Hope it is a great one!!

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