Anthropologie Necklace For Less

Do you love this necklace as much as I do?  It is from Anthropologie for $68.00!  I recently came across a great tutorial on Pinterest to make one very  similar for a lot less.  I tried it out today and it turned out really pretty!  The cost for supplies was around $20.00 and I am able to make 4 necklaces.  So $5.00 per necklace sure beats the hefty price tag of the original.  See below for all of the details to make your own.

First: Gather materials-pliers, thick gold wire, thinner gold wire, a gold necklace chain, clasps and jump rings, 4mm round glass beads-assorted colors. You will need a hammer for making the pendant.

 Second: For the wire pendant. Cut about 4 inches of your thick wire. On a hard surface hold one end of the wire while hammering down, flattening the wire just a little as you go. Do not make it completely flat, just a little flat. Use even pressure throughout the wire.  When it looks slightly flatter, hammer the ends extra hard to sort of "push" the wire outwards, flattening the ends a lot. Your wire should look like this when done. The ends are hammered flatter than the center.

Third : Make holes in the flattened ends.. I positioned a nail on each end and I hammered this through both sides of my wire to make holes.

Fourth: Add your beads to the pendant. Use about 15 inches of your thinner gold wire; wrap the end around one end of your hammered wire a couple of times to secure. Then, string the beads on the other end. If you want the same color order as the Anthropologie necklace the color goes: clear yellow, yellow, opaque mint, blue, purple, pink, clear, red, orange, jade, pink, red, blue. My beads were a little different in color and I added an extra one at the end. 

Start wrapping and weaving the beads onto your pendant. Put a bead against the front of the wire, pull with your right hand tightly while holding the bead with your other hand, and take the thin wire under the hammered pendant and up behind the back, then weave back down across the front. Continue doing this about 3 more times to secure the bead to the pendant before adding another bead. Continue in this fashion with the other beads to weave on all of them.

Fifth: Hook your jump rings onto the holes in the pendant. Attach even lengths of your chain to both sides, and your clasps to the loose ends of the chain to make your necklace. The necklace is about 17 inches in length.

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