Rain, Rain Go Away

Trying to keep a very energetic 6 year old little boy entertained in the summer is quite a feat, but when it rains most of the day for two days in a row, we go a little crazy.  Instead of spending the entire day with the television on or sitting in front of the __________, (insert any gaming system here), I told my little one we could not turn on the T.V. today. 

He said he wanted to make something.  We researched craft project ideas using material you have around your house and found a really cool way to make handmade jewelry with bread, glue, and lemon juice.  We still have to finish up a few steps in the morning and will be sharing this project later this week. 

We also spent part of the day reading some of his favorite books, looking through old baby pictures (which led to a very lengthy question/answer session), and by early evening got outdoors for a bike ride!  Hopefully, the sun will come out tomorrow! 

Here are some of the pictures we went through today, which reminded me of how fast they grow and how special these rainy days cooped up inside together really are!

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