Weekend Recap Part 1

Saturday By The Hour


Quick breakfast before last basketball game of the season.


Before we left for the game Little Superhero said, "mom, can we have one of those lunch things where you eat on a blanket outside?"  I opted for this version.  I could just leave you with this beautiful picture and the inference that it turned out as lovely as the picture, but allow me to share with you what transpired as we made our way out to the patio to eat.  It went a little something like this:

Little Superhero:  Mom, (yelling at top of his lungs) there is a frog, a frog.  Nooooooo, he jumped on me! (runs into the house)
Super Dad:  (walks out with napkin in hand)  Where is he son?  
Don't be afraid of a little frog.  SH*#$*T ducks and bobs as if he is in a mixed martial arts fighting match.
Me:  Whaaaatttttt ( taking in the shocking visual my eyes now 
have the pleasure to witness)
Frog:  (Flying across the center of the table with piss spraying out of whatever frogs piss out of raining down like a sun shower all over out platters of food!)
Me:  (Crying) Sorry Logan.  Guess we will order a pizza. (wishing I got a picture of the frog)






Our family room has really become Little Superhero's second playroom now.  He prefers to be with us, so his toys are scattered about the room.  I just roll with it though.  He is only little for so long.


Fell asleep reading and woke up two hours later to find my two Supers watching The Avengers.  Hope your weekend was as restful as ours!  ( Minus the frog debacle)

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