Celebrity Sighting

So last week on our Spring Break, we spent some time at Disney.  We decided to eat lunch at Rainforest Cafe and we had the pleasure of sitting near Katie Holmes and Suri.  Now I never thought I would get all starry eyed if ever I were to see a celebrity, but on this first experience being so close to one, I guess a few stars floated around above my head.  

It was just Katie and Suri, no entourage or handlers or even other family members.  I really wanted an autograph and a picture.  (I did watch all of the seasons of Dawson's Creek after all!)  I did not want to bug her though during her lunch or her vacation with her daughter and I did not want to snap a picture with my phone right in front of her like so many other people were doing without even asking.  So I just sat there and tried not to stare at her and listened to my husband constantly whisper in my ear, "this is your one chance, just get the picture, you will not have this opportunity again!"  

I just could not bring myself to do it right there at the table and just kept thinking how rude that would be.  When we finished our meal I went to use the bathroom and she came in and stood right next to me to wash Suri's hands as I was washing mine. I do not know what got into me but in somewhat of an out of body experience I heard myself asking her if I could bug her for a picture and she said "no" :(  Except it was more like "nooooowa"!  (I know, I know we were in the bathroom of all places!) 

I did snap a few from the bathroom doorway when she went back to her table and I did creep around the large aquarium to snap a few from that angle as well! ( I know I know I am just as bad as the paparazzi)  So my deepest apologies go out to Katie Holmes and Suri, but this is how I wish our little conversation in the bathroom really went:

Me: Hey Katie, can I bug you for a picture?

Katie: NO (huffing under her breath)

Me: Well, can I get a picture of Suri then?

Katie: NOOOOOOWA (spit popping out from her teeth)

Me: How 'bout my Logan and Your Suri right under the large Tree Frog out front? There the same age. He would love that!

Katie: (Grabbing Suri's hand) Let's get out of here Suri!!

Me: (Smiling bug eyed while handing her my phone as she walks past me) Do you mind snapping a quick picture of me then, I do not have many pictures of myself on vacation because I am the one always taking the pictures of the fam, you know!


Me: (Thinking to myself as I am being escorted out of the bathroom) OH CRAP, why did I not learn my lesson from last summer's Katy Perry Sighting?

Now this would have made a much better story! :)

Here are a few pics from our lunch that day.  My little superhero said Suri could have his autograph anytime!!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. OMG, you are so lucky! I am a big fan of Katie and little Suri :D
    But I am a little disappointed, why she refused to take a pic with you? :( I thought she was really friendly...


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