she has lots of shoes.

he has lots of superheros.

like here

and here

she can usually be found in a pair of stilettos.

he can usually be found in a superhero costume.

Welcome to our little space in the blogosphere! 

After becoming a mom  to
my own little superhero,

I wanted to make sure that the most made fun of item of clothing on those what not to wear shows-"the mom jean", never made an appearance in my closet or on my lower half! 

I can see how very easy it is for this to happen!  I do not think I purchased a new item of clothing that first year after my son was born. 

His second and third year did not get much better on the clothing front as I had not lost the "baby weight" or maybe you could call it at this point the "cheese puff" weight.

Finally, I got it together and got myself back to a similar version of my pre-baby self.  I began this blog soon after as a way to not only share bits of this new role I was starring in , but as a way to maintain a sense of style and sense of me. 

I thought a blog where I documented some of my favorite trends in fashion and interior design, along with many other beautiful things that inspired me would help me keep a little sense of self.  It has kept those "mom jeans" at bay and has morphed into so much more. 

I hope Superheros and Stilettos will inspire readers with the latest fashion and home decor trends, recipes, photographs, and DIY projects with a little added humor along the way! 

So sit and stay a while and drop me a line, or throw a pair of "mom jeans" at me if it is not your cup of tea.  I am glad you stopped by either way!

Check out  It's All In A Name for more on how I named my blog!

Happy Blogging!

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